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Janitors are key members of the Armature Works facility. They must have a friendly, upbeat attitude every shift while fulfilling essential duties that ensure restrooms are completely stocked, spotlessly clean and odor-free throughout the day.

Janitors duties consist of the following but are limited to this list:

• Clean and restock restrooms 
• Remove trash from the landscaping and around the Armature Works building
• Wash Market Hall serving trays
• Clean and restock restrooms
• Clean windows
• Keep floors clean, dry and free of debris 
• Dust mop floors
• Sweep and clean stairs, patios, and walkways 
• Empty waste receptacles on Armature Works building grounds
• Maintain storage room cleanliness and organization
• Keep trash compactor corral clean and odor-free 
• Police Armature Works grounds and parking areas
• Pressure wash areas around the building as needed
• Complete various other tasks assigned by leadership team

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